Order Form

Thank you for liking our cake designs and placing your order with us.

As we normally customise designs for each and every order, we will charge according to the complexities of each theme requested.

This simply means, your cakes will never be the same as others!

As a guide this is how we charge:

  • 1 kg cake with simple designs starts from MYR100
  • 1 kg Character Cakes with figures starts from MYR200
  • 3D Cakes start from MYR250
  • 1 dozen plain cupcakes with simple frosting starts from MYR 30
  • 1 dozen 2D design cupcakes (e.g. Flowers & Butteflies) starts from MYR 50 ( we use only imported sugar paste for the decorations, so they will cost more than regular buttercream) 
  • 1 dozen 3D design cupcakes (e.g. Barney, Monkeys) starts from MYR 70
  • 1 dozen randomized cupcakes (combination of plain, 2D and 3D designs) start from MYR 60
  • Cupcake and Cake Towers start from MYR250

How to order

Email us at emily.lek@googlemail.com to place your order.

We request that orders be placed at least 14 days in advance


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